Akbayan: Muslim ID scheme is discriminatory and oppressive

The proposal to issue identification cards to Muslim member of communities in Central Luzon is not only offensive to the faith, it also violates freedoms that individuals should enjoy regardless of their religion: right to movement, to privacy, of expression, to equal treatment before the law and the right to exercise their faith without fear of reprisal and being singled out.

This proposal, which the regional military and police officials admitted to media was aimed at rooting out terrorist elements, also perpetuates stereotypes against the Muslim community as violent, and a hotbed of terrorism.

It does not help when the president himself  blames Muslims for allowing these terrorists to infiltrate areas like Marawi. Such victim blaming only worsens the oppression of othering...

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Jul 20
In the face of emerging authoritarianism is an emerging resistance. https://t.co/Dp1FkLUv58


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