Akbayan: Injustices will always make EDSA a necessary reminder

Babalik tayo sa EDSA hangga’t mailap ang hustisya.

Justice for the poor and marginalized whose interests have been neglected and abused will always make the commemoration of People Power 1986 not only a necessity, but a duty.

In the face of increasing repression and the culture of violence and death that the Philippines faces under the Duterte administration, fulfilling this duty is not only crucial and immediate – it is literally a matter of life and death.

With more than 7,000 poor people ending up dead in the streets in the name of an insane campaign against illegal drugs, human life has been cheapened and rendered disposable by no less than the government, while big time crime...

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Feb 26
Akbayan members and leaders heeding the call of the times against lies, tyrrany and plunder. Bumalik at babalik... https://t.co/7UsUOB6cpz


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