This representation from Akbayan casts a negative vote on House Bill No. 4727— a bill that seeks to revive capital punishment for drug-related offenses, and ultimately reeks of both rational and moral bankruptcy.

Make no mistake: The death penalty will not make our communities any safer. We reiterate that in the absence of any evidence that would prove death penalty as an effective deterrent to crime—heinous or otherwise—a person’s right to life must stand supreme.

No crime is worth killing for—especially when the task of condemning a fellow Filipino to death will be undertaken within the context of a flawed criminal justice system. Flawed—from enforcement, prosecution, and adjudication—because none other than the Supreme Court revealed in a review of cases from 1993-2004...

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Mar 27
Pregnant women hold "Buntis Congress", call for passage of Expanded Maternity Leave Law In a bid to sustain the... https://t.co/WMMr5oM5k8


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