EMLAkbayan Women lauds the passage of the Expanded Maternity Leave Bill in its third reading at the House of Representatives today. The bill raises the bar of the country’s maternity law, from 60 days to a hundred days in compliance to the international standards set by the World Health Organization and the International Labor Organization.

 “Greater maternity days for women, will allow the body of the woman to recuperate from pregnancy. Its eventual passage creates an enabling legal environment for women that expand women’s choices and agency over her body. It is an added package to our Reproductive Health Law”, said Mylene Hega of Akbayan Women. 

Akbayan Women sees that that the passage of expanded maternity days, could introduce into the mainstream the realities of reproductive work of physical child bearing, nurture and care towards the child. 

“Beyond the recognition of the physical burden of pregnancy, we hope that our lawmakers at the Bicameral session could consider redistributing reproductive work. Introducing that care and nurture is not only a woman’s burden, is important”, added Hega. ###