trillanesReference: Gio Tingson, Akbayan Spokesperson

Akbayan condemns the warrant of arrest against Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, aligning to President Duterte's plot to revoke the senator's amnesty and silence him. The order of arrest versus Senator Trillanes is the height of the Duterte government’s insecurity and cowardice, having no real solution to the country’s woes. 

President Duterte's trust ratings are plunging as he has failed to address the rice and price crisis, issues that matter to the poor majority of Filipinos. The arrest of Trillanes does not solve the hunger and poverty experienced by Filipino families brought by Duterte's failed policies. 

These recent events show that the political persecution is beyond Senator Trillanes. President Duterte is corrupting his powers to arrest those who are speaking up for the truth. In these times, anyone can be arrested just because the president said so. Furthermore, this maneuver comes straight from a dictator’s playbook to jail the opposition.

The president is not stopping his crackdown against those who stand for the truth. He will not stop until every critical senator like De Lima and Trillanes, every priest, journalist and even ordinary citizen is thrown in jail. We call on the public to hold the line and resist while we can. ###