EMLAkbayan Women lauds the passage of the paid, Expanded Maternity Leave in the bicameral committee on Monday.

"It is the birth of a new era for Filipino families. This new maternity leave bill allows both mothers and fathers to take the time off and take care of their child. The solidarity work of the labor and the women's movement have won  this bill. It is time to expand our values through the expanded care for careworkers. The role of care is the role of all," Mylene Hega of Akbayan Women said. 

The bicameral committee in the bill allowed for a 7 days quota for fathers. The bi-cam has set 105 days for paid maternity leave and additional 15 days for solo parents.

"This is a breath of fresh air for Filipino mothers who have contributed so much to the economy but get less of the time and care they deserve from the state. We expect more happy and healthy workers and families from this," Hega added.

"Filipino mothers and workers have fought for this bill to passage, despite strong opposition from big companies. The Duterte administration shouldn't keep women waiting and sign the bill into law immediately," Hega added. ###