On Bonifacio Day, workers and Akbayan members raised their worn out umbrellas filled with holes symbolizing the dismal state of workers’ welfare in the Philippines plagued with low wages, no security of tenure, and a short maternity leave for working mothers.

“Each problem represents a hole in the protection of Filipino workers. Until these holes are patched up and fixed, our workers will remain highly vulnerable to economic risk,” said Machris Cabreros, President of Akbayan.

It can be recalled that Akbayan Partylist has pushed for the passage of three bills to shield workers from various health and economic risks, such as high inflation plaguing the whole country for months now, and is perceived to have caused additional burden to an already struggling working class.

These are the Expanded Maternity Leave Bill that is now awaiting the President’s signature; the Security of Tenure or Anti-ENDO Bill that was already passed in the lower House; and most recently the bill abolishing all 17 regional wage boards and replacing them with just one wage-fixing body to set a decent and acceptable minimum wage nationwide.

“All Filipino workers are getting impatient in waiting for these concerns to be resolved and for those bills to get passed. Unless the maternity leave is expanded, labor-only contracting is stopped, and decent wages are provided, our workers’ welfare will always be festered with holes,” Cabreros added.