Manila, March 8, 2019- Akbayan Women joins the historic convergence of thousands of women in La Madre Filipina Statue , Luneta Park,Manila, in a protest action against misogyny and authoritarianism. The last time women’s groups from different political lines marched together was during the Martial Law period. It was the first march to protest against the assassination of slain political leader, Ninoy Aquino. 

“It is time to show to Digong that we have had enough. Tama na! This is a women’s movement solidarity call for the embattled working woman, the widow of the EJK and the survivor who continues to fight. This is an intergenerational, intersectional march for sisterhood by women, for women ," said Mylene Hega of Akbayan Women. 

The 17th Congress writes history for Akbayan as it records the period where most of the party-list’s laws for women’s rights were passed. 

“Our work to resist discrimination against women, include reforms that ensures women’s right to an Expanded Maternity, better child care for the infant’s first 1000 days, the work to ensure that all spaces should be safe spaces for women. We bring the fight to the streets and we fight for reforms for women everywhere," Mylene Hega added.

Akbayan Women is the women’s wing of the political party  Akbayan. Women representatives of Akbayan were former Commissioner on Human Rights chairperson Etta Rosales and Senator Risa Hontiveros. ###