Residents of Mandaluyong City rushed outside their houses on Friday morning with neither pails nor buckets, but pens to sign  the “Zero-Singil Petition” urging Manila Water to waive any and all charges in the next water bill.

The petition aims to gather the support of 10,000 Filipinos all over Metro Manila, who believe that consumers should be compensated and repaid for the severe inconvenience that Manila Water has admittedly caused.

“Hindi porke’t nag-sorry at umamin, okay na. Bumalik man ang tubig sa gripo, di basta-basta maibabalik ang tiwala ng taumbayan sa Manila Water bilang service provider ng tubig,” stressed Tristan Bringas of Akbayan Partylist-NCR.

“Dapat pagbayaran ang perwisyong idinulot ng krisis, hindi lang sa tubig, kundi krisis sa pamamalakad ng Manila Water,” he added

More than a million Filipinos were variedly affected by the water crisis, leaving exposed to serious health risks due to poor hygiene and sanitation, particularly those in hospitals, medical facilities, and even schools.

The residents and their supporters are expected to submit the petition before the MWSS and Manila Water next week, as a demand for equity in the administration of water as a public utility. #