Akbayan Partylist Chairperson Emeritus Etta Rosales commended the Supreme Court decision ordering the government to release all Oplan Tokhang police reports.

"Making police data available to the petitioners is a huge step in exacting accountability from the perpetrators of the crime through the release of facts and figures related to the commission of the crime," Etta Rosales said. "We will need this data to probe the police's claims that protocols were observed, especially when multiple reports from survivors indicate otherwise."

"For the first time, victims of the drug war and human rights groups will know crucial details on these deadly police operations. They will be receiving the names of the police officers in those operations, operation plans and investigative reports. These are important and relevant information needed to probe deeper into investigation where no stone is left unturned," the former Commission on Human Rights chairperson said.

Rosales also refuted Solicitor General Calida's earlier claim that the release of the police data would be a national security threat.

"National security is the sum total of human security - the right to life, to the security and privacy of one's homes, to the right to earn a sustainable living and live a safe, secure and decent life. It is incumbent upon all uniformed personnel of the government to protect human security. The threat comes when people's rights are violated in huge numbers. When committed in a massive scale, it becomes a national security threat," Rosales said.

"Hopefully, the release of the data will unearth evidence that will be necessary in order to pursue the truth through an exhaustive and independent investigation in accordance with the rule of law, so that in the end justice will prevail," Rosales said. 

"We must never forget that we are state party to international human rights law and it's our obligation to comply with the treaties we signed for the benefit of the security of the Filipino people and the realization of peace in their lives," Rosales said.####