Akbayan Party list Chairperson Emeritus Etta Rosales denounced the Facebook post of Commander Louie Dagoy of the Army’s 802nd Infantry Brigade in Leyte which maliciously linked Akbayan with the New People's Army (NPA).

"Commander Louie Dagoy's accusation is malicious, baseless and dangerous. As a political party, AKBAYAN engages in parliamentary work through Congress and concerted people’s actions.This is the only battlefield we know where we earned the support of the public for 21 straight years," Etta Rosales said.   

Rosales was the first nominee of Akbayan which was among 9 party list groups who made it in the first party list polls in 1998.  

"Dagoy should look at our track record. We became the longest-serving party list organization without the aid of armed groups. Integral to the reforms we pushed for was the cultivation of  integrity among political parties and party list groups.  

"Integrity can best be earned by ensuring that political parties and the party list groups are chosen by the electorate through programs relevant to democratic governance. This means that such political parties should be independent of private armed groups and corrupt vested interests. As House Vice Chair of the Committee on Suffrage and Chair of the Subcommittee on the Party List System, I presided over the setting of standards and norms on party list work to contribute to basic political party reform in Congress," Rosales said.

"We came up with election campaign reform bills and filed resolutions against extortion by both agents in government and private armed groups during the election campaign. We were created in 1995 and engaged in 1998 with no affiliation with armed groups, whether public or private and we remain so to this day," Rosales said.

"This accusation from Commander Dagoy reflects incompetence in political intelligence work. Is this the off stance of the entire Armed Forces of the Philippines or just the former PSG head? We call on AFP Chief-of-Staff Gen. Benjamin R. Madrigal, Jr. to please hone the skills of intelligence work within the ranks of the Army," Rosales said. ###