Akbayan Partylist demands the Commission on Elections (Comelec) to immediately take action on the disenfranchised votes in the 2019 election and disqualify vote-buying partylists. 

We condemn the vote-buying of some partylist groups in some regions and reports of disenfranchisement of Akbayan votes in several precincts. Several members raised the alarm on votes for Akbayan partylist that were not registered on the final tally.

Akbayan will manifest to the Comelec and demand for the following:

Investigation and disqualification of partylists who have reportedly practiced vote-buying in some precincts.

Investigation of disenfranchised Akbayan votes in reported areas.

Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros will call for an investigation on the data blackout from the transparency servers and other issues that undermine the elections.

Akbayan is fortunate to represent ordinary Filipino families the longest in congress, having served for 21 years straight. 

Akbayan has always and will always be ready to accept the will of the Filipino people. We have learned from all our electoral outcomes since we pioneered the engagement of a truly platform-based party in the party list system.

But we have also been witness to the corruption of that system by traditional patronage and dynastic politics.

And this is not the first time in the country's history where we have serious doubts about the probity of the election process.

It is for reasons of safeguarding the sacred voice of our people that we move forward with our protests.

We call on the public to remain vigilant amidst all efforts to keep progressive partylists and candidates away from congress. 

The bleak outcome of the elections is a sign of things to come. The path ahead will be challenging but we will march on to combat a dictatorial agenda that will bring harm to more Filipino families: a self-serving charter change, jailing children in conflict with the law and the revival of the death penalty law.  

Akbayan Party will not back down. ###