Akbayan Partylist representative Tom Villarin, a principal author of the law institutionalizing the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) now signed as RA 11310, lauded its passage together with the Magna Carta for the Poor, making it the country's primary anti-poverty program which started in 2007 and expanded in 2012. The law was signed April 17, 2019 but only announced recently.

"We can make poverty history with the passage of the 4Ps law. It’s an investment for our poor Filipino families. We will expect their lives to be better now that the program is strengthened and safeguards in place. It addresses the inter-generational nature of poverty,” Villarin said.

"The 4Ps is a compassionate and effective social justice measure to lift families out of poverty through targetting. Institutionalizing it will strengthen measures against leakage and expand programs for families," Villarin added.

"The 4Ps has lifted 1.5 million Filipinos out of poverty already, according to a World Bank study. Other institutions like the Philippine Institute of Development Studies also deemed it effective," Villarin said.

"Imagine the millions more the government can help now that the 4Ps is strengthened from a mere program to a law. The new law means putting more children in school, more Filipinos able to work and more healthier families. It breaks the vicious cycle of poverty,” Villarin said. #