As President Rodrigo Duterte delivers his fourth State of the Nation Address, Akbayan Party calls on the country to reject, resist and rise up from the treasonous actions of a Commander in Chief that has routinely betrayed the interests of the Filipino people. 

“The President will crow about his popularity, and his overwhelming success in the midterm elections. But these successes remain hollow to the ears of Junel Insigne, whose interests Duterte sacrificed for his alliance with China; of the parents of Myka Upina, whose life Duterte sacrificed in his bloody War on Drugs; of the people of Marawi, still waiting for their homeland to rise from the ashes,” said Party President Machris Cabreros. 

Akbayan also called on the Filipino people to hold the line and serve as guardrails of democracy now that the various institutions have been systematically co-opted by an overpowerful Executive. “With a supermajority in the Senate and the House, a Supreme Court filled with Duterte appointees, the last remaining guardrail of democracy is the people themselves. President Duterte will push his project of charter change to further consolidate power — the only remaining check against that is a population that is ready to say no,” said Chair Emeritus Loretta Ann Rosales. 

The party also warns of the continued clampdown on opposition forces, with its current chair and incumbent Senator Risa Hontiveros being one of those named in the complaint filed in relation to Totoong Narcolist video. 

“This clampdown on the opposition should not cow us, instead it makes the call for a patriotic alliance more urgent — an alliance that protects our democratic institutions and upholds the Constitution, offers an alternative roadmap to progress, and most of all protects, instead of betrays,  the likes of Myka Upina and Junel Insigne,” reminded Cabreros. “A nation betrayed is a nation that will rise in anger.”