Akbayan Party firmly believes that the DILG's pursuit for constitutional reform is an unnecessary luxury amid the COVID-19 crisis. Its stunt for charter change will only crowd out the time and funds needed to keep families safe during the pandemic. For the Filipino people, as evidenced by national surveys, changing the constitution is an issue of least concern; how much more in this current crisis?

Akbayan Party condemns the government's decision to shut down ABS-CBN. In a memo filed by the National Telecommunications Commission, a cease & desist order was issued following the non-renewal of ABS-CBN's franchise – which was, 2 months prior, the topic of discussion in Congress, which resolved that for the time being the NTC may give provisional authority to ABS-CBN even without franchise renewal.

Today, we celebrate Labor Day in extraordinary circumstances. When traditionally the working class celebrates on the streets, today we are confined to our homes and social media. But our calls remain the same: for just and fair wages and benefits, for safe working spaces, for the strengthening of workers' unions, and the end to unfair practices like ENDO.

Though these past few weeks our country has found itself sick with COVID-19, the Filipino working class has long suffered under the crises caused by the exploitative nature of capitalism and neoliberal government policies. Employment schemes like ENDO deprive workers of their right to security of tenure. Women and LGBTQIA+ individuals are prone to workplace discrimination and harassment. The past few years have seen increasing incidents of labor union harassment and violent picket dispersals by police and company administration. And instead of actively seeking to remedy these issues with key legislation, the government has simply prioritized the interests of multibillionaires and foreign corporations over Filipino workers. The weaknesses and ill effects of such a system have manifested over the past few months, with workers in both formal and informal sectors severely affected with no wages or access to basic necessities.

We reflect upon sacrifice and resurrection through our persistent commitment to hope and by braving to be responsible for each other amid the COVID19 crisis this Easter. We defy the fear that have been plaguing our homes and dividing our nations. We remember those who remain with steadfast resolve even in the face of persecution.

Easter is a celebration of solidarity. The current crisis has been testing our communities, stretching to its limits the fabric of togetherness that bind us all, regardless of nation, religion, gender or race. Yet we rise up to the challenge of the times and affirm our shared humanity: we weave masks to protect each other, we cook for the hungry, we sing for the weary and we honor the heroism of those in the frontlines. We celebrate this capacity for solidarity and care for each other, even when it is most difficult.

Easter is a commitment to social justice. We acknowledge those suffering and those with the least, the last and the lost. It is a reminder that we must continually question the systems we have built, systems of inequality that leave so many unprotected and homeless. We bear a shared burden, and it is only possible and just to carry its weight when the strongest, those who have gained most from a system that allowed for such crisis to emerge, take responsibility for those who have been allowed to live on least.