From “tapang at malasakit” to “gapang at pasakit.” This is how Akbayan Partylist described the rule of Rodrigo Duterte, who was dubbed “President Pahirap” by the partylist organization, as it formalized its bid in the upcoming midterm elections in May 2019.

“Amid rising inflation, self-rated poverty, and hunger, ‘President Pahirap’ Duterte remains clueless on solutions to our country’s economic woes. Regularly blaming inflation on the world market is just a lazy, incompetent, and callous excuse,” said first nominee and incumbent Akbayan Partylist Rep. Tom Villarin.

“The higher prices go, the lower Filipinos’ quality of life gets. By filing our certificate of candidacy, Akbayan Partylist offers the people a relief package--an Anti-Taas Presyo Package--to provide poor Filipinos breathing space and prevent them from drowning in the tide of inflation,” Villarin added.

Akbayan Partylist slammed House Speaker Gloria Arroyo's charter change resolution which rammed through a House panel without amendments yesterday. The draft charter removes term limits of lawmakers and removes the Vice President from the line of succession to the President.

"Filipino families want the prices to go down and for their wages to go up but the House leadership only wants to stay in power. The House needs to focus on removing price hikes and hunger, not politician's term limits," Akbayan partylist spokesperson Gio Tingson.

"While the people are going poor, hungry and distracted, the House is sneakily changing the constitution to their advantage," Tingson said. 

"Charter change only benefits politicians at the expense of Filipino families who are getting poorer for every day that the government fails to act on inflation," Tingson said. ##  

Akbayan lamented the latest inflation report from the Philippine Statistics Authority which saw the spike of the rate to 6.7% in September.

"Nasaan na ang malasakit? 10 million poor families will go poorer as the Duterte government continues its 2-year streak in failing to address inflation," Akbayan President Machris Cabreros said.

"The insulting P20 minimum wage hike means nothing now even before it's implemented. The cash transfers are just small change as basic goods will become expensive," Cabreros added. 

"The Duterte government needs to train its sights on inflation. Hungry families and worsening poverty is the crisis of October not some imaginary destabilization plot," Cabreros said. ###

The Akbayan Citizens Action Party together with various labor groups came together for the immediate passage of the Expanded Maternity Leave Bill (EML), during a public briefing held at the Solair Hall of the University of the Philippines on Friday, October 5, 2018.

Members of different labor organizations such as Akbayan Women, Nagkaisa, Sentro, PSLink, Partido Manggagawa, IndustriAll, IndustriAll Phlippines Women’s Committee, Associated Labor Unions, Trade Union Congress of the Philippines, Makalaya, Philippine Metalworkers Alliance, Alliance of Filipino Workers, Building and Wood Workers International, Federation of Free Workers, Philippine Independent Public Sector Employees Association, Samahan ng Nagkakaisang Pantawid Pamilya, and Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines were in attendance to discuss the salient points of the EML which was ratified in the Senate last October 4, 2018.

Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros, author and principal sponsor of the EML said the imminent passage of the measure was nothing short of historic for working women. The last time that the number of paid maternity leave days was increased in the country was in 1992 or 26 years ago.

Quote:  Gio Tingson, Akbayan Partlist spokesperson

It's tragic that Asec. Mocha Uson had to suck PCOO dry like a parasite before she decided to let go of the position. The timeliness of her resignation is suspicious. Is she preparing to run for the Senate in 2019?

Request lang na sana huwag masyadong advanced mag-isip. Magresign man siya, di mabubura ang marka niya sa serbisyo publiko. She must be made accountable for all actions as PCOO Asec while her case is still pending before the Ombudsman as Fake News Queen.

Panagutin si Mocha.###