Quote: Gio Tingson, Akbayan Spox

Ipinagmamalaki ni Pangulong Rodrigo Duterte na protektado raw siya ng Tsina. Malinaw na siya lang ang saklaw nito at hindi ang mga mamamayang Pilipino. Kasabay ng pagtatanggol niya at ng Tsina sa isa't isa, nakalimutan na niyang ipagtanggol ang sarili niyang bayan, lalo na ang mga mangingisda sa ating karagatan.

Sa pagpapaandar nila ng gimik at jetski sa kabilang dako ng bansa—sa Philippine Rise—naglagay naman ang Tsina ng long-range nuclear-capable bombers sa Woody Island na kayang kayang puntiryahin ang ating mga mamamayan sa Pilipinas.

Pangulong Duterte, ang nangangailangan ng proteksyon ay hindi ikaw, kundi ang ating mga mamamayan na ngayon ay nasa peligro dahil sa mga sandatang pandigma ng tagapagtanggol ninyo.

Hinahamon ng Akbayan ang Department of Foreign Affairs at Malacañang na maghain ng diplomatikong protesta laban sa paglalagay ng Tsina ng mga sandatang pandigma malapit sa ating teritoryo. Ang panapat dapat sa bomba ng Tsina ay hindi mga jetski at palabas, kundi malinaw na stratehiyang nakaangkla sa mapayapang paraan at pinaninindigan ang ating soberanya.###


PCGGThe House bill abolishing the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG) and putting its functions solely under the Solicitor General is unacceptable and should be outrightly rejected by the Senate. 

SG Calida is known to kiss the ground where Marcos used to walk and showed this with unabashed passion in pushing for the burial of Marcos on grounds meant for heroes and honest soldiers. 

The bill thus adds insult to injury, rubs salt on the unhealed wounds of Marcos victims if it puts the duty of running after ill-gotten Marcos wealth in the hands of a blind Marcos loyalist like Calida. 

It likewise gives undue strength to Calida who, in the bill, not only takes on PCGG duties but holds executive authority over government corporations. Calida, in turn, is accountable only to the President. 

The bill paves the way for consolidating despotic rule under one man. It goes against all pretensions of wanting to democratize under a federal system of rule. 

We therefore call on the Senate and the public to outrightly expose the bill and reject it for what it is. ###


Etta P. Rosales

Former Chair, Commission on Human Rights

Chair Emeritus, AKBAYAN

Martial Law Survivor

quo warrantoQuote: Gio Tingson, Akbayan spokesperson

SC decision to grant quo warranto signals "death of our democracy"

We are now a heartbeat away from the death of our democracy

The Supreme Court’s decision to grant the quo warranto petition against the Chief Justice destroyed the constitutional process of impeachment and system of checks and balances. The constitutional process of impeachment is now dead.

Judicial independence is one of the few that remain in the checks and balances necessary in preventing another dictatorship from taking over. And with the ouster of our Chief Justice, this foundation of democracy— this shield against abuse of power in government— has crumbled. After having a lapdog Congress and a seriously wounded Senate, we now have a puppet Supreme Court.

Duterte 1President Duterte just can't control his mouth when it comes to inciting violence against women. Duterte's violent statement against International Monetary Fund (IMF) managing director Christine Lagarde is disgusting and deplorable. It's unimaginable for a president to suggest pulling Lagarde to a corner and kiss her to change her institution's outlook on our economy. The alarming statement belongs to a person who is not presidential but who acts more of a violent pervert.

As thousands of Filipinas are still reeling from the economic violence of Duterte's anti-poor Tax Reform and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law, Duterte's statement is an invitation to further the culture of violence against women. He has grossly failed in his duty to protect women with his endless stream of sexist attacks against women.

You don't change the country's economic outlook by harrassing women, Mr. President. You change the economy by rejecting neoliberalism and building a system where unions are protected, jobs are secured, and women are treated like humans in the workforce. Akbayan Women will not be cowered to hold Duterte accountable for his sexist attacks. ###

DAP MALAYSIAThe historic victory of the opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan (Alliance of Hope) in the recent Malaysian polls is a victory of the Malaysian people. The message is clear: Malaysians of various colors and ethnicity, are united in their rejection of the 61-year authoritarian rule under Barisan Nasional. Malaysia voted for hope. Malaysia voted for democracy.

We in Akbayan celebrate this victory with our sister party, the Democratic Action Party (DAP) which forms part of the Alliance of Hope. This electoral win is a testament of Malaysians’ faith in DAP and its allies’ leadership in fighting for democracy and human rights. It is also a big step forward for social democracy and progressive politics in the country and in the region. 

The opposition’s triumph in Malaysia inspires hope in us who stand up against authoritarian rulers. Heartened by the Malaysian’s victory, Akbayan stands even more courageously for democracy and social justice. With stronger resolve, we too choose hope and continue steadfast in our fight for human rights and peoples’ freedoms in the Philippines. ###