Akbayan Party-list once again criticized COMELEC for the apparent lack of readiness to hold automated national elections following a hearing at the Lower House and COMELEC’s announcement that the poll automation software’s source code will be made available to the public on February 2.

Youth members of Akbayan party-list today branded President Macapagal Arroyo's appeal to the youth to fight electoral violence as an incongruous, hypocritical statement of a perpetrator of political violence."

In a statement, Akbayan Vice-President Maricris Cabreros said Mrs. Arroyo has no moral ascendancy whatsoever to demand the youth to become "guardians of non-violence" as her term saw the escalation of political violence to appalling proportions.

With 6 session days left, Akbayan Party –list reiterates the call to bring the Reproductive Health Bill to plenary despite CBCP’s proclamation of the bill as “antifamily” and “morally reprehensible”.

“What is morally reprehensible is to keep the reproductive rights of Filipinas at the mercy of the church’s political opinion,” Akbayan Party-list Representative Walden Bello said on Monday.

“There seems to be no major difference in the policy of the new DTI leadership and that of the previous one.”

That was the observation Akbayan Representative Walden Bello made when deliberations on the budget of the Department of Trade and Industry revealed that the department continued to pursue an export-oriented policy track and maintained little regard for the security of tenure of workers.

Bello pointed out that there have been “major changes in the world and in the international market” that the DTI needed to take into consideration for policy-making.

“We have seen the decline in our traditional markets, and economies all over the world are now focusing on domestic markets as a response to woes of the global economy,” Bello pointed out. “The DTI is behind the curve and needs to review its current policy to reflect these changes.”