BongBong-MarcosBongbong Marcos is washing his hands off over his father’s transgressions and effectively whitewashing history for his refusal to acknowledge the historically and legally established excesses of Martial Law.

“The very fact that Marcos chooses to be oblivious to the legally established fact pinning his father to massive, systematic plunder and human rights violations during Martial Law is like pouring acid on wounds that have not totally healed,” said Machris Cabreros, Akbayan President.

“We challenge Bongbong Marcos to face the human rights victims to a session of truth-telling so he can tell them directly to their faces that he has nothing to be sorry for.”

“This is the downside of Philippine politics where we tend to equate justice with forgetting the past. This is what Bongbong Marcos wants the Filipino people to do,” explained Cabreros. “His refusal to come to terms with this baggage makes him an untenable option for 2016.”


OFWAkbayan Party-list today lauded the passage of HB No. 5988 also known as the Money Claims Bill in the lower house. Authored by Akbayan Party-list Representatives Barry Gutierrez and Walden Bello, the Money Claims Bill will serve to give protection for OFWs who have been unjustly terminated by their employers by ensuring they are entitled to a full reimbursement of their unpaid salaries and other benefits.

The proposed bill seeks to delete a phrase in Section 10 of RA 8042 which unjustly puts a 3-month cap per year on the salaries and benefits OFWs can receive for the unexpired term of their employment contracts.

According to Akbayan Representative Angeline Ludovice Katoh, who succeeded former Rep. Walden Bello after his resignation, the proposed law will correct a longstanding injustice against our OFWs.

“The bill ensures that our OFWs will benefit from the fruit of their hard labor. This will correct the flawed policy in the Migrant Workers Act which allowed their foreign employers and agencies to pay our OFWs only a fraction of what they have been guaranteed by their contracts,” according to Katoh.


land useAkbayan today reiterated calls to enact the National Land Use Act which seeks to rationalize the management and use of increasingly scarce land resources.

“We call on Senate President Franklin Drilon to follow through on his commiment to enact the NLUA into law," said Akbayan Youth Chairperson Rafaela David. "The Senate needs to stand with the public and instead convince specific interests, including real estate developers that the NLUA will not affect their bottomlines.”

"We appeal to Sen. Drilon especially in light of the return of oppositors such as Sen. Enrile, out on bail and going back to the Senate who may derail the passage of the bill."


JPEAkbayan today reiterated its call for justice in the plunder and corruption charges filed against three senators following the Supreme Court decision granting bail to Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile.

“Speedy resolution of the three senators’ case is the more important issue that the judicial process owes the Filipino people whose taxes funded the Napoles pork barrel scandal,” said Akbayan President Machris Cabreros. 

“Furthermore, the grant of bail does not in any way absolve him of the charges,” Cabreros added, “and Akbayan continues to believe that the evidence is strong enough to merit a conviction.”

Akbayan also raised fears that the same reprieve not be extended to the other two detained senators facing the same charges from the Napoles scandal.

“The courts have already bent backwards to accommodate the furloughs extended to Sen. Jinggoy and Sen. Bong,” she said. “and these already leave a bad taste in the mouth as these privileges depart from what remedies are available to the thousands of poor incarcerated Filipinos elsewhere. Where is the justice in that?” ###

thailandAkbayan Youth stands in solidarity with the people of Thailand in the wake of terror brought about by the bombing outside of the Erawan Hindu shrine, a major tourist attraction in Bangkok, Thailand which killed at least 21 people including tourists, and injuring at least 120 other individuals.

Bangkok is no longer a stranger to terror attacks in the past. The recent bombing however is of a scale that shook the whole of Thailand, bringing terrorism in the country at much greater heights. Many observers also report that the attack deliberately sought maximum casualties and directly threatens the country’s tourism industry.

Akbayan Youth therefore joins in mourning the lost lives - innocent civilians who became casualties of the political agenda of terror groups who seek to inflict suffering and instability among the Thai community.