duterte 2Akbayan party-list today decried President Duterte's statement giving military forces the go signal to bomb escaping terrorists along with hostages, if any, saying this reveals a dangerous mindset that cheapens life and devalues human beings.

"This is the same mindset behind the official complacence over the thousands of extra judicial killings," said Akbayan President Machris Cabreros. "Even though none can say for certain if those killed in this campaign are guilty or not."

"Duterte has to understand that nobody has to die just so criminal elements can be destroyed," added Cabreros. "As a lawyer he should focus on the tedious, unsexy task of reforming the justice system he is a part of instead."

"This is the only way by which he can convince the country that he actually has a vision for governance," explained Cabreros. "and that his core competency is not just limited to kill, kil, kill."

"Because when the country runs out of drug suspects, and terrorists, who will Duterte go after?"

"Violence is no way to run a country," added Cabreros. "Progress should never be an us-versus-them equation," added Cabreros, "the formula for a better future is all of us working together, taking care of each other, even those who have fallen behind and have lost their way."

"Filipinos can do better than the bloodlust being promoted by this administration. We deserve better than this culture of death."