akbayan2014Babalik tayo sa EDSA hangga’t mailap ang hustisya.

Justice for the poor and marginalized whose interests have been neglected and abused will always make the commemoration of People Power 1986 not only a necessity, but a duty.

In the face of increasing repression and the culture of violence and death that the Philippines faces under the Duterte administration, fulfilling this duty is not only crucial and immediate – it is literally a matter of life and death.

With more than 7,000 poor people ending up dead in the streets in the name of an insane campaign against illegal drugs, human life has been cheapened and rendered disposable by no less than the government, while big time crime lords and plunderers are accommodated and privileged.

With the reimposition of death penalty and the Batang Bilanggo Bill, a culture of cruelty driven by bloodlust, is fetishizing vengeance as a replacement for genuine justice.

With the corrupt and murdering dictator buried as a hero on fake, fraudulent grounds, the scion has gained a platform for the Marcoses’ resurgence, all the while riding on a wave of organized rewriting of history. Enabled by this government, the injustices of dictatorship are being swept under the rug, the billions of dollars of public funds plundered and thousands of deaths and torture completely ignored.

With critical voices demonized and harassed, not only by paid trolls but also misled and misleading government officials, dissent is being stifled, culminating in the arrest of Sen. Leila de Lima on trumped up charges with hearsay as basis.

These are among the injustices that plague the promise of EDSA.  What was a showcase of people power in action is being denigrated by the elites whose flirtation with tyranny is eroding the foundations of our still contested democracy.

These injustices perpetuate the inequalities that will keep our people poor and oppressed, and for this Duterte and his administration with its anti-poor, cruel, violent, corrupt priorities must be made accountable.

Dahil ang diwa ng EDSA ay kasalukuyang binababoy ng mga mandarambong, sinungaling at ipokritong pwersa na ngayon ay namamayani sa bansa.

But these forces of darkness, plunder and death will eventually account for their transgressions. The Power of We, as demonstrated by the thousands of Filipinos at EDSA today will attest that there will be an end to the lies and the corruption of the few, when We, the many, muster the courage to invoke the original intention of EDSA, and reclaim the power which is being stolen from us.

We will persevere. We will resist. And we will rebuild.