ICCCThe ICC case against Duterte is only the latest symptom of the continued call for accountability that this administration continues to evade. Populist acceptance is not an excuse to stand by while the killings continue.  

We support all legal and Constitutional means to exact accountability from the  President in his continuing policy of advocating murder in his campaign against drugs. 

This government has seemingly closed all avenues to do this, and the ICC is a last resort against this government's inaction over the 8,000 deaths reported so far.

We dare the President to account for the words he has said instead of relying on his spin masters to twist the truths of what he has publicly stated: he condones the employment of violence against drug suspects.

The Filipino people need to understand that the Philippines is part of a global family of countries to which we have committed to respect the rule of law and human rights. 

As a signatory to the Rome Statute establishing the ICC and adopting this through RA 9851, the Philippines recognizes the legitimacy of the ICC's authority. When our own government is unable and unwilling to shield its own citizens from harm by acts of omission and commission, that same community of civilized nations has a responsibility to protect us from our worst impulses. 

And the impulse in question before the ICC is the consent and exhortation that Duterte has given, quite explicitly, to the murder of our own citizens and the culture of impunity that allows for the dead bodies to pile up: promising pardon for police forces, killing as jobs for displaced OFWs, promotion for controversial police officers involved in extra judicial killings etc.


Machris Cabreros

Akbayan President