tom villarinI. Reaction to the swift and summary dismissal of the Alejano impeachment complaint for “insufficiency of substance”

Just as we have feared, the complaint was dismissed swiftly and methodically. The mood of the House leadership is to make the complaint moot by sheer numbers and not merits.

It would be oppressive for the House even to mull the filing of a perjury and ethics case against Rep. Alejano, who only wanted to be given his day in a proper impeachment proceeding. The unanimous vote by 42 members of the Justice committee showed their muscle but going beyond that is tantamount to bullying a decent member of the House.

If Rep. Alejano goes to the ICC as a court of last resort against the President, then let him be. Such institution is devoid of politics and composed of renowned international jurists. If the ICC takes on his complaint for judicial review and orders an investigation, then woe to us who turned a blind eye to justice and fair play.


II. Qualified agrarian reform beneficiaries should not be left out in the investigation of the TADECO-BuCor Joint Venture Agreemeny

If proponents of the investigation are genuine advocates of agrarian reform, then all lands covered by CARP must be probed, not just TADECO. Otherwise, this might be misconstrued as a petty squabble between rivals, and nothing more.


III. On the constitutionality of Joint Exploration Development in the Spratlys

Every concession we make with China shortens our end of the stick. While we all detest any form of escalation, our sovereignty, bolstered by the rule of law, must be the top priority of this government. Nothing comes for free, not even those Chinese deals, no matter how sweet they can be.


IV. Full implementation of the Reproductive Health Law is extremely jeopardized by the Supreme Court’s delay in finally resolving the FDA’s certification of contraceptives

The longer we wait, more lives of Filipinas will be put on risk. Opponents of the RH law should know that some of those they consider as mere contraceptives are in fact used to treat women with medical conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Therefore, the Supreme Court must be prompted to reverse the TRO, as it is an injustice for everyone who value the primacy not only of choice, but of the Filipina's life itself.