lgbtWe resist invisibility brought by ignorance.

For far too long, LGBTQ+ Filipinos have been relegated to the fringes-- unable to be seen and heard by our fellow citizens. The State, whose duty is to protect all of us, continues to deny our existence by simply refusing to mention "sexual orientation and gender identity and expression" in policy-- an issue that the SOGIE Equality Bill seeks to address when it finally becomes enacted into law.

We resist violence borne out of hatred.

Our many scars show our struggles. Our sisters and brothers have been abused-- physically and emotionally. We have been ridiculed, maimed, and even murdered-- all because of fellow human beings who think that we are less than them. Our names are used as synonyms for cowardice, but with how we live our lives, we are braver and stronger than those who falsely believe that we are powerless and weak.

We resist hopelessness.

In all these, we remain steadfast and firm. Our minds and bodies may have been battered, but we are still able to stand and fight together with those who represent our voices in government-- led by Risa Hontiveros in the Senate and Tom Villarin and Kaka Bag-ao in the House, along with many others. As long as there is love in our hearts for our selves and for our partners in our struggle, our resistance will continue.