studentAkbayan Party lauds the passage of two Akbayan reforms today: the Free Education Law and the Anti-Hospital Deposit Law.  

The Free Education Law provides free tuition for students who enroll in state universities and colleges (SUCs) and subsidy for private school students.   

The Anti-Hospital Deposit Law strengthens law against hospitals imposing restrictions on patients who either can't pay or show proof of financial capacity.   

Both laws are authored by Senator Risa Hontiveros and Cong Tom Villarin. These laws dismantle institutional and legal obstacles that keep these crucial social services away from the poor.  

"Despite Duterte's attacks against the opposition, Akbayan has proven that it continues to win important reforms for the people," Akbayan Party President Machris Cabreros said.  

"We are fulfilling what we have committed to do as a party by not only calling out excesses of this government especially against the poor but by also continuing to deliver key reforms that speaks of our hard work in both houses of Congress," Cabreros said.###