stop the killingsGroups continue the call for justice for Kian and all victims of state-sponsored killings as they offered poems and lit candles on Friday, Kian's ninth day since police shot him in a drug raid.

The gathering called "9 Tula Para Kay Kian" is attended by members of Akbayan Youth, Youth Resist, Student Council Alliance of the Philippines and Millennials Against Dictators and  allied organizations  and individuals. The groups protested statements from the Philippine National Police (PNP) in a Senate hearing yesterday that they gathered reports about Kian's 'drug involvement' from social media. 

"PNP's testimony yesterday proves that this drug war is an injustice to the poor. It's alarming that for the police it's fake news that determines a person's fate, not the courts anymore," Akbayan Youth Secretary General Shamah Bulangis said.“ 

“Tomorrow we will bury the body of Kian but  not the peoples’ outrage and clamor to bring justice to all the victims of “extra-judicial killings.  The flame to search for truth and accountability will continue burning.”  Bulangis added.

"The police have murdered Kian twice when they continue to accuse him, after his death, of being a drug courier without substantial proof," SCAP Secretary General Jeza Rodriguez said. "This administration is hell-bent on justifying the killings that they would use fake news as evidence."  

The groups also slammed statements from Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II that Kian's slay case is 'overblown' by media. More than "10,000 has been killed in Duterte's anti-drug campaign. Secretary Aguirre's statements that this is overblown shows his cluelessness to the injustices happening in his backyard," Karla Yu of Millennials Against Dictators said. 

The groups are calling for justice for all victims of extrajudicial killings. They also call to scrap Oplan Tokhang and replace it with a program based on juman rights that would prosecute the drug lords and rehabilitate the drug dependents.###