ombudsman 1Akbayan awards “Di Takot Kay Digong Award” to Ombudsman Morales 


Akbayan awarded Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales with a “People’s Medal of Valor” on Wednesday for doing her constitutional duty to probe abuses in government, including allegations of undisclosed wealth in President Rodrigo Duterte’s bank accounts.

“In a time where people cower in fear to the President’s threats, Ombudsman Morales has shown that she will do her duty without fear or favor,” Akbayan Secretary General Kit Melgar said.

The group, composed of women and community leaders, hung a large plaque and offered messages on the Ombudsman gates thanking her for a job well done in probing government excesses.

The “awarding” comes after President Duterte attacked the Ombudsman with allegations of corruption and declared that he won't cooperate in their probe. 

Malacañang yesterday accepted administrative complaints against deputy Ombudsman Arthur Carandang from former lawmakers Jacinto “Jing” Paras and Glenn Chong, and lawyers Manuelito Luna and Eligio Mallari in an effort to intimidate the Ombudsman probe.

“The Ombudsman is just doing her job. Why crucify her for that?” Melgar said. “If the President claims to hate corruption, he shouldn’t be hostile when the Ombudsman does what the laws require her to do when there’s a whiff of corruption. No one is above the law, especially not an abusive president.”

Akbayan called on everyone to support the Ombudsman’s investigation and resist any attempts from this regime to destabilize public institutions meant to protect the people from the excesses of this government.

“The Ombudsman’s bravery to do her constitutional duty despite a climate of fear should be followed by other government institutions.” Melgar said. “The Ombudsman is protecting the people from an administration that's killing our democracy. We call for more government leaders like her, ready to defend the people.” ###