pdeaQuote: Akbayan Sec Gen Kit Melgar

There is no greater admission of failure than President Duterte’s decision to let the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) head his campaign against drugs, forcing the Philippine National Police (PNP) to bow down after 15 months of non-stop killings.

The decision is not borne from Duterte's goodwill. It was a result of Duterte panicking at the sight of his eroding trust ratings and the growing opposition to the killings. 

But even if PDEA takes the lead in the murderous campaign against drugs, the change of head agency does not absolve President Duterte and the PNP from the killings of 13,000. The Duterte government, until now, shows no remorse at the death of thousands of people, including the poor and young, under his brutal campaign against drugs. The PNP, in their recent statements, is lurking to sink its teeth back into the war and continue the bloodbath.

Justice for the victims won’t be served by just a mere change of guards. Akbayan calls on the Duterte government to stop the killings and take responsibility for the 13,000 dead under his war on drugs. The solution to the drug problem is not in the pile of thousands of Filipinos dead but a recognition of justice to the victims and a health and rights-based approach to get rid off the drug menace. ###