PNP appThe Philippine National Police’s (PNP) newly-launched human rights mobile app is a laughable solution to protect the public from police abuses. In deadly police operations, no one expects the victims to whip out their phones and orient the police about their rights. The poor, who are usual targets of Duterte’s killings, cannot even afford a smartphone for them to access PNP’s cruel and stupid solution. 

The PNP human rights app is a worthless effort as long as President Duterte and Chief PNP Bato Dela Rosa ridicule human rights for Filipinos. The app is a cruel and stupid excuse for the police to evade accountability from the extrajudicial killings and harassment of civilians, especially those in poor neighborhoods. To solve the human rights crisis, the PNP must install reforms in its system to stop its active role as human rights violators in War on Drugs operations:  

    1. Strengthen human rights training for PNP

    2. Strengthen mechanisms to respond to human rights complaints in operations

    3. Probe cops in War on Drugs operations

    4. Prosecute killer cops

    5. Protection for women and children in operations

    6. Limit use of force

    7. Transparency in police data

Around 3,900 people have been killed in police operations but human rights groups have recorded already 14,000 killed in the course of Duterte’s murderous drug war. PNP’s app can only do little. If they are serious about solving the human rights crisis, the PNP should download some sense, stop the killings and install reforms in its institutions. ###